There’s something unique about the way a builder combines all the familiar components and creates something more than just a house. That is why METROHOME GROUP strives to make the ordinary into something extraordinary. So we blend contemporary lifestyle plans with traditional quality craftsmanship to offer our customers unique semi-custom and custom-built homes.



As an experienced, METROHOME GROUP has extensive experience in maximizing the quality of all materials and equipment incorporated into your home. 



The quality features and finishes that homeowners most want and need are already included at METROHOME GROUP, constituting of thousands of dollars worth of extras at no extra charge. As a result, we deliver unprecedented value through-out your home. 



All of us at METROHOME GROUP are committed to doing the right thing for the right reason. We are dedicated to being an innovator in the industry and are constantly focused on improving the quality of our homes. We approach each day with the highest level of integrity.